5 Great reasons to choose TRU-PINE™?

Most pine bark formulas on the market are made with French Maritime Pine…..which is grown in France. Our formula is made only in Canada with pure CANADIAN pine bark.

The Original TRU-PINE™formula is made of Northern Canadian Pine and has a unique history, which nearly 500 years ago (1535-36), helped  French Explorer Jacques Cartier and his crew in Quebec, Canada with scurvy.

  1. Our standardized process extracts more than 95%+ of the bark’s OPC’s which makes it a powerful source of antioxidants.
  2. The technology, developed by Agriculture and Agri-Foods Canada, ensures quality, respect for the environment and sustainability.
  3. Clean, pure and reliable Tru-Pine offers an extract from the original pine tree used by native people of Canada for centuries in pristine forests free of pollution.
  4. Pine Bark selected to produce Tru-Pine is harvested during timber production in Canada’s virgin forests. We only select premium quality pine bark from trees aged between 10-20 years, to ensure the highest concentrations of OPC’s are extracted.
  5. Many other brands of OPC’s are not extracted from Northern Canadian Pine and do not use our state of the art extraction process; instead, they rely on chemicals and solvents, a process both less pure and less ecological.

As the Northern Canadian Pine stands taller than the rest in the forests of Eastern Canada, so does TRU-PINE™ stand head and shoulders above the all other brands on the market! Consumers can count on a great source of antioxidants MADE ONLY IN CANADA- 100% Canadian Pine Bark Extract.