How is TRU-PINE made?

The Technology

The technology used to produce Tru-Pine™ Original Canadian Pine Bark Extract was researched by Canadian scientists and the technology developed by Agriculture and Agri - Food Canada, resulting in a uniquely balanced pine bark formula and a state of the art extraction process

The Process

Our proprietary upright extraction process preserves the integrity of the source material, producing a pure and clean extract without the use of chemical and solvents. It ensures quality, respect for the environment and sustainability.

What does this mean? A product consumers can count on and a powerful source of antioxidants*. Tru-Pine™ Original Canadian Pine Bark Extract retains 95%+ OPC’s (Oligomeric roanthocyanidins).*

The Formula

Tru-Pine™ is a premium quality proprietary blend of Canadian Pine Bark Extract (Pinus strobus), Rose Hips fruit (Rosa canina) and Vitamin C. When combined, they are synergistically enhanced.

The Quality

Tru-Pine™ Original Canadian Pine Bark Extract is produced in a cGMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facility and this unique formula is standardized to ensure consistent quality in every capsule.

Nothing compares to the premium quality, purity and freshness of Tru-Pine™ proprietary extract formula.